Problems treated

We aim to treat the whole person, with compassion, respect and integrity.

Create a life of meaning

Assessment and treatment involve an understanding of the core processes that lead to a life of meaning, purpose and vitality - contributing to greater psychological flexibility and flourishing.

We Go beyond Diagnostic labels

In our culture, many of our problems are defined and researched in terms of psychiatric diagnoses, which can provide direction for treatment and techniques.

What we treat

The following are among the problems for which we provide psychological services:

Our Services

These CBT methods have a remarkable record of significant outcome research.  Dr. Tirch and his colleagues are extensively trained, and are in fact trainers, in these traditional variations of CBT. Today, our emphasis is on recent advances in CBT that represent the further growth of evidence based psychological practice.  These directions involve mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance.

Individual Therapy

Our team uses evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral methods, grounded in mindfulness and compassion , to help you overcome psychological problems.

Couples therapy

We will help you identify the nature of your struggle and to get your relationship unstuck, so that you can move forward into the life you want to lead.

Therapy for Teens & adolescence

Our team’s aim is to help teens and adolescents identify and understand the problems they face so they can build bigger, more enjoyable lives.

Training, Supervision & Workshops

We are an internationally known training group, providing the highest quality training available to therapists, health workers, and organizational leaders in mindfulness, acceptance and compassion-focused psychotherapy.

Performance & Wellness Coaching

Over the last 18 years in NYC , our team has served as performance and mindfulness coaches to leaders in business, science, the arts, and especially finance.

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