Why Group?

Our Everyday Trauma Skills Groups are focused on compassion, acceptance, somatic, and mindfulness-based strategies. These groups are specifically designed to  help you navigate life’s inherent stress and trauma more skillfully, mindfully, and compassionately. Our weekly groups will introduce and train evidence based skills, in a structured and accessible manner. At a time when we can feel isolated and alone in our experiences, these groups will allow you to safely join in with others who are also navigating their own unique journey. 

Virtual Group Offerings beginning in May 2022

Everyday Trauma Skills Group (Phase I)

Everyday stress and trauma can have deep and lasting effects on our nervous systems. As the foundational skills group for our Trauma Skills series, this group will focus on developing techniques for effective emotional and nervous system regulation. Participants will learn specifics about how trauma impacts the body’s physiology, and will develop strategies for tuning into, slowing down, and compassionately relating to bodily sensations. Psychoeducation and experiential exercises will focus on themes of safeness, safety, nervous system regulation, mindfulness, and compassion. Participants will learn and practice skills from evidence-based psychotherapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion-Focused Therapy, and EMDR. Worksheets, slides, and meditation recordings will be provided.

Everyday Trauma Skills Group (Phase II)

In addition to trauma’s impact on our nervous system, difficult experiences deeply impact our belief systems and the ways in which we relate to our own internal experiences. Building upon the foundational trauma skills group, this series will focus on integrating nervous system regulation strategies with new, more mindful and compassionate ways of relating to difficult internal experiences. Each session will move through tools, experiential exercises, and psychoeducation to help you transform your relationship with your internal world. Participants will learn and practice strategies from ACT, CFT, and EMDR and will explore themes including compassionate thinking, acceptance, willingness, and values.

Everyday Trauma Skills Group for Clinicians

Many therapists have their own unique history of trauma, and working with clients in the midst of ongoing stress and global upheaval can be a difficult journey alone. Whether dealing with historical trauma, ongoing stressors, secondary or vicarious traumatization, this group is designed for therapists who are looking to enhance their own resilience. Rather than a teaching or consultation group meant to support your clients, this group is for YOU. Each session will  move through tools, experiential exercises, and psychoeducation to help you drop anchor, deepen your practice, and more mindfully navigate life’s inherent stressors. This group will utilize bottom-up (body-based) and top-down (cognitive) strategies from ACT, CFT, and EMDR. Early sessions will focus on nervous system regulation strategies, learning more about the nature of stress and everyday trauma, with subsequent sessions focused on developing new, more compassionate relationships with internal experiences. The last few sessions will begin to help you explore meaning-making and how to reconnect to oneself, others, and the world in a values-consistent manner.

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