Everyday Trauma Skills Group (Phase II)

In addition to trauma’s impact on our nervous system, difficult experiences deeply impact our belief systems and the ways in which we relate to our own internal experiences. Building upon the foundational trauma skills group, this series will focus on integrating nervous system regulation strategies with new, more mindful and compassionate ways of relating to difficult internal experiences. Each session will move through tools, experiential exercises, and psychoeducation to help you transform your relationship with your internal world. Participants will learn and practice strategies from ACT, CFT, and EMDR and will explore themes including compassionate thinking, acceptance, willingness, and values.

This online group, led by Dr. Talya Vogel, meets weekly on Thursdays from 6 PM  – 7:15 PM EST beginning May 5th through June 30th (with no group meeting on June 16th). Dr. Vogel will be joined by guest teachers Dr. Laura Silberstein-Tirch and Dr. Dennis Tirch during components of Compassionate Mind Training. Cost is $125 per session.

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May 05 2022 - Jun 30 2022


8 Weeks/Sessions
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm



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